The best application

 to predict treatment results in cosmetic dentistry

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A smile makeover involves improving the appearance of your smile through cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as Dental contouring, Composite bonding, Dental veneers, Dental Implants, Dentures, and Teeth whitening. In dentistry, there are several attributes of the teeth and smile that a cosmetic dentist will evaluate with the patient when planning a makeover, which involves communication between the practitioner, the laboratory, and the patient.

A predictive view of the future patient’s smile makes treatment planning more manageable and patients happier. Clinical protocols and technological evolutions were proposed, such as a mock-up, a video analysis, or a 3D facial conception to improve the ‘patient’s experience and patient-practitioner communication. These tools provided a better immersive for patients and additional details for practitioners, who were able to evaluate facial movements in response to emotion and speech objectively.

However, all these features are complex to integrate for both the clinician and the laboratory, and they require a significant amount of time, energy, and cost. Augmented Reality (AR) applications are compatible across various platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. AR enables the gathering and presentation of data in 3D format. For instance, the critical points of a human face are stored digitally, and aids in presenting the data in a 3D view.The healthcare specialist can view the facial structures of their patients in a 3D format in real-time, based on the data collected through 3D Scanners, via an AR headset, or even a handheld device such as a tablet. The perfect desirable face can be superimposed to the 3D image precisely so that the doctor or the patient can view the before and after pictures.

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The best application to predict treatment results in cosmetic dentistry

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